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About Ristie The Band

Ristie The Band, brings a new sound that incorporates old school music in a new and innovative vibe, a multi-era blend. Ristie The Band, brings a level of energy to the art of performance that has yet to be seen.

Healthy living is stressed in the experience that is Ristie The Band. Their message is excellence of mind, body & soul at any age.

Ristie The Band, is committed to music as an experience, healthy living and delivering a performance to stir the soul. Music to move you!

As the founder and front man of Ristie The Band, Sergio Ristie is an outspoken supporter of President Donald J. Trump. As the son of immigrants, Sergio supports the president's agenda, particularly bringing jobs back to American families and the security of our country. He also feels that President Trump, despite the unfair treatment by the media, is making excellent strides toward making America great again!

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